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Commission Approves Zoning Change For 41-A Development

-Micca Terrell

Despite concerns from homeowners about traffic problems along Highway 41A, Cheatham County commissioners voted 10-2 to approve a zoning change for a residential development along the state highway during a specially called session held via teleconference on January 6.

According to the agenda, developer Jassan Bumpus was representing William Depierri when requesting the zone change from E1 to R1 for a 9.35-acre portion of Map 24, Parcel 24, and a change from E1 to RPUD for a 21.66-acre portion of Map 24, Parcel 4. The property is located at 5959 Highway 41A in the 2nd Voting District and is not in a special flood hazard area. Bumpus said that the development was helping keep local subcontractors and suppliers in business.

During a public forum held prior to the meeting, neighbors who live near the development said they were concerned about traffic congestion worsening with the addition of the project.

“Traffic’s a problem, and we have seen tragedies happen in front of our house,” said Grady Vaughn, a homeowner who lives across from the development. Other neighbors who spoke during the forum shared similar concerns, and felt the development was not in keeping with the character of the community.

County Attorney Michael Bligh said because of the size of the residential project, a traffic study was not triggered, and that because Highway 41A is a state road, the county does not have jurisdiction over it, except in limited capacity such as traffic enforcement.

Both District 2 County Commissioners, Ann Jarreau and Tim Williamson, voted against the zoning change.


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