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Christmas Comes Early to Pleasant View Boy Battling Leukemia

A 13-year old Pleasant View boy battling Leukemia was surprised yesterday afternoon with a parade of over 50 caring citizens, his dream Christmas gift- a Playstation 5, and a check to help cover ever-growing medical bills.

The heart-warming event was the doing of Liam Changed the World, INC., a non-profit organization started by Mattie Mitchell and her family after the loss of her infant son, Liam, in 2011.

Turning her tragedy into small miracles for in-need people is what helps her deal with grief and keep her son’s memory alive year after year.

“It was a beautiful day,” Mitchell said. “Nine years has passed since I held my little boy, and for nine years, my family has encouraged people to go out and spread kindness in this world."

“Today, we all witnessed a little boy get a smile, and a moment of peace from the battle he has been fighting. He was supported by his family who was crying tears of joy just to see his happiness. That’s what this is all about. We can change the world with love, and my family is just trying to be part of that change with the help of God, and the love we have for Liam,” she added.

To date, the efforts of Liam Changed the World have provided an abundance of holiday cheer to approximately 50 families-- and many more throughout the year.

This story will be aired on Fox 17 on December 21 at 9PM.

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