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Cheatham, Sycamore Wrestlers Compete Before Athletic Events Pause Due to COVID Concerns

Logan Heckert, Sycamore

-Angie Camper

With Covid-19 concerns shutting down school athletics for the next two weeks, both Cheatham County and Sycamore High School had wrestlers compete in the Maher/ Garstin Battle for Independence at Independence High School on Saturday, January 2, 2021.

Trinity Smith and Amanda Thomason, Cheatham

For Cheatham, Trinity Smith (103 lbs) took fourth place, and Amanda Thomason (112 lbs) took second place in the girls' divisions for their weight classes.

Savannah Williams, Sycamore

For Sycamore, Savannah Williams (190 lbs) took first place for the girls division. In the boys division, Gavin Smith (113 lbs) took seventh place, Dylan Davenport (120 lbs) took third place, Logan Heckert (132 lbs) took second place, Luke London (138 lbs) took fourth place, Mark Helser (160 lbs) took sixth place, and Nathan Thorbjornsen (160 lbs) took eighth.

Dylan Davenport, Sycamore

Also that day, AAU wrestlers Cody Canada (70 lbs) and Tyler Knight (60 lbs) placed second and first place respectively in the juniors division of the Inferno AAU Wrestling Tournament in Murfreesboro.


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