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Cheatham Defeats Sycamore, Harpeth to Claim 'County Champion' Title

2023-24 Champions of the county: Cheatham County Central High School (Photo: Angie Camper)

On January 11, 2024, Harpeth High School hosted the annual "Battle of the County" wrestling tournament. In this competitive local event, Harpeth High School, Cheatham County Central High School, and Sycamore High School teams hit the mat in hopes of walking away with the coveted county title (previously) held by the War Eagles. 

In first match of the evening, between Harpeth and Sycamore, the War Eagles came out on top, winning 33-21. In the next round, despite their best efforts, the War Eagles were not able to secure a second win; the Cubs shut them down, 55-13. Cheatham then went on to route Harpeth in the third match, with a score of 52-27. Their successful evening on the mat earned the Cheatham County Cubs this season's "county champions" title.


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