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Cheatham Co. Students in Need of Mentors

With less than four weeks until the December 4 mentor recruitment deadline, tnAchieves is still in need of 3,000 volunteer mentors to ensure students have access to a local support system.

Cheatham County is currently in need of 22 mentors to reach the program's goal of 65.

"Due to the pandemic, students will face new challenges in the coming year, and mentors will prove more important than ever before in helping students to achieve their goals," a press release from tnAchieves states.

This year, all mentors will have access to tnAchieves CONNECT, a new virtual mentoring tool that will support mentors in their work with students. tnAchieves CONNECT allows mentors to continue serving their community entirely from their home and on their own schedule.

"Early feedback on this platform has been incredibly promising, and we believe it will add significant value to the mentor role," says a representative from tnAchieves.

Mentors spend one hour a month reminding students of important deadlines, serving as a trusted college resource and, most importantly, encouraging students to reach their full potential. While the time commitment is small, the impact on a student can be significant.

If you have just one hour a month to support students, please consider volunteering to be a mentor with the TN Promise Class of 2021.

To hear directly from a current tnAchieves mentor and former TN Promise student on the importance of mentors,click here!

You can learn more and apply at

If you have questions you can contact Tyler Ford at (309) 945-3446.


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