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CCCEC Offers Free Medication Lock Boxes, Partners with Local Authorities for Medication Disposal

The Cheatham County Community Enhancement Coalition recently made an announcement that will help members of the community keep their medications out of the wrong hands.

Free lock boxes are being offered to those who wish to keep their medications “safe.”

Boxes can be picked up Monday through Friday during the hours of 8AM and 5PM.

The CCCEC is located at 395 S Main Street in Ashland City.

Additionally, in partnership with the local authorities, the coalition is also offering the safe disposal of unwanted medications.

Pills are accepted at designated take-back boxes, and can easily be disposed in a sealable bag or in prescription bottle.

The locations across the north part of the county are:

Ashland City Police Department- 233 TN Waltz Parkway

Pleasant View Police Department- 1008 Civic Court

Cheatham County Courthouse- 200 Court Square

The hours for disposal are Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM.


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