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First Home Game Yields Loss for Cubs

On Friday evening, Sept. 11, the Cheatham County Cubs played their first home game of the season hosting the West Creek Coyotes.

Throughout most of the opening quarter, neither team was able to take a dominant role until just over four minutes remained when the Coyotes struck gold and took a 7-0 lead.

The hometown Cubs seemed to wake up and began to move the ball down field on the ground with Bryson Entrikin carrying a big load. But with a 4th down on the 15-yard line, an incomplete pass gave the ball back to the visitors. The Coyotes took advantage of the situation and systematically moved the ball into scoring range. The visitors shocked the Cubs when a short pass and a long run found the Coyotes in the end zone but it was ruled dead, and a holding penalty against the visitors gave the Cubs new hope.

As the third quarter progressed, both teams continued to move the ball but it was the visiting Coyotes who put more points on the scoreboard. And with a failed two-point conversion attempt, the guests settled for a 13-0 lead.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Coyotes defense knocked the ball loose and recovered the fumble deep in Cubs territory. But when the Coyotes attempted a pass on the first play, Logan Boyd spoiled their plans with an interception to give new life to the home team. Shortly afterward, Liam Hayes hauled in a pass and took the ball 49 yards to put the Cubs on the scoreboard; a successful kick brought the game back in range with a 13-7 score.

The visitors were not finished, though. With just over 11 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, the Coyotes struck again for 6 more points; the point after failed, but it was enough to secure a 19-7 win.

Leaders for the Cubs were Caleb Cason with 17 rushes for 63 yards and Bryson Entrikin with 13 rushes for 64 yards.

Quarterback Cooper Owen connected on 2 of 10 attempts for 59 yards and one TD. Liam Hayes had 1 reception for 49 yards and a score and Bryson Entrikin had 1 reception for 10 yards.

The Cubs host Camden this week.

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