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Annual Event Helps Colby's Army Raise Money, Expand Reach

Colby’s Army closed out the month of August with their third annual Pasture Putt Putt Golf Challenge.

Once each year, the staff, consisting totally of volunteers, sets up an 18-hole putt putt golf course that winds through the grounds. For a small fee, participants attempt to play their best game of golf through the maze of obstacles.

This year, the annual fundraiser brought in a total of $625. Funds raised through the two-day event will go toward the organization's fixed costs such as mortgage, insurance, and utilities-- all of which are needed to keep their doors open.

"We love this event because we always make new friends, and are able to teach people about the importance of repurposing items they otherwise might throw away," said Lisa Wysocky, executive director of Colby's Army. "It also brings people out to see new things at our learning center, such as our educational herb garden and our sensory stations."

Located in a snug corner of George Boyd Road, Colby’s Army is a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping individuals with life challenges through interaction with animals and nature. The organization was formed in 2009 in memory of Colby Keegan, the founder's son, whose goal was to “affect positive change” in the world-- specifically in the areas of people with life challenges. One of the key elements of the facility is the use of natural items to helping people who deal with mental, emotional, and cognitive challenges.

The facility is funded entirely by grants and individual donations. Currently, they have 60 active volunteers and are always seeking assistance with the vast number of activities that occur on a daily basis.

Along with the horses and teaching about nature, the organization raises a large garden with much of the products being given to area homeless, their volunteers, and various groups who come to the learning center. In addition to the golf course, volunteers work with the horses, landscape, mow help maintain the creek and clear the one-mile walking trail.

Individuals desiring to volunteer or donate can call (615) 305-0945.

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