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Covid-19 Update: Cheatham County

Today, September 3, the Tennessee Department of Health announced that Cheatham County has a total of 719 confirmed positive COVID-19 tests. This is five cases lower than yesterday's reported numbers.

A massive update in reported recoveries/inactive cases brings the new total to 675- up significantly compared to yesterday's 495.

The active case total has dropped to just 34, down drastically from the 219 reported yesterday.

The reason behind the drastic change: the state is no longer reporting "recovered" cases. Instead, they will report the number of "inactive/recovered" cases. The new numbers reflect cases that are at least 14 days beyond their illness onset date and who are not deceased.

The number of related local deaths stands at 10.

There have been 8,659 negative tests taken to-date.

The Cheatham County Health Department has FREE COVID-19 testing available Monday through Friday. For more information, Call 615-792-4318.

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