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Commission Votes To Delay Decision on Highway Garage Plans

During the Aug. 17 regular meeting of the Cheatham County Commission, members voted 8-4 to approve a measure to postpone their decision on a low bid for the new highway garage until their September session. Commissioner Ed Greer said the delay of the motion to accept a low bid on the project was needed so the Capital Improvements Committee and full Commission could review the bid documents.

“I feel we’re better off knowing more about these projects,” Greer said. He added that for future projects, he would like the Capital Improvements Committee to see any pertinent documents before the projects were sent to bid.

Commissioner Tim Williamson brought up questions about bulletproof glass being used in the planned garage, to which Robert Hester, County Road Superintendent, said he was concerned about safety of workers.

“This is a serious world we’re in,” Hester said, and went on to ask why there were so many questions, when there had been two workshops concerning the design of the new garage.

Williamson also questioned the need for a stairwell that cost about $40,000, to which Commissioner Gary Binkley surmised that the cost was in that range due to solid steel and concrete being used in the stair construction.

Fuel tanks estimated at $250,000 were questioned by Commissioner Walter Weakley, to which Hester replied the tanks would help cut down on road crews having to wait in line at local gas stations to fuel up.

The full commission will meet in regular session at the Cheatham County Courthouse on Sept. 21. Social distancing will be required.

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