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Search For Missing Tortoise Widens

A Cheatham County family is still working to find their beloved pet, a 150-pound tortoise named Solomon who escaped from his enclosure at their home off Cheatham Dam Road nearly two months ago. They are offering a reward for the safe return of their 15-year-old African Sulcata.

“We have received some calls, but people have misidentified a turtle for a tortoise,” Lynn Cole, Solomon’s owner, explained. To help, she and her family have posted new photos of Solomon in their neighborhood and nearby roads where he might have wandered just in case anyone sees him.

In addition to the posters, Cole said they have contacted rescue groups on social media and are keeping in contact with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office, and Cheatham County Animal Control.

“Everyone’s been very helpful, and we appreciate all the people in our community helping us look for him,” she said.

She has not ruled out that someone might have picked up Solomon in an attempt to sell him or find him a new home, so Cole has been checking with areas where tortoises like him might be sold or rehomed.

As the fall season approaches, she has also been working to get in contact with hunting groups on social media who might see Solomon in the woods, munching on vegetation.

“Hunters tend to go where we don’t go,” Cole said. Regarding hunting dogs, though, she said that typically they are not trained to sniff out other animals, mostly humans.

As the search broadens, Cole said she and her family are working to stay determined and move forward. They are holding onto hope that Solomon will be home soon before cooler weather arrives.

“He will do all right unless the temperatures dip below 45 degrees,” she said.

If you have any information that might help, call 615-308-3234, 615-981-2793, or email Lynn Cole at

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