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Leatherwood Reopens with New Liquors, Entertainment

A fire may have shut down Leatherwood Distillery back on April 21, but the Pleasant View-based veteran-owned business has come back stronger than ever, with new tastes and entertainment.

Andy Lang, Leatherwood Distillery owner, said support from the community allowed them to do cleanup and repairs quickly and reopen on June 27, two to three months before their targeted date.

“That first week (after the fire) we had about 40 volunteers come to help. Customers, people I worked with, brothers of mine in the military, they all pitched in,” Lang said.

Fire had broken out behind the center bay door, fire officials said. It was later determined the flames started when a lithium ion battery exploded in a toolbox and spread to oil nearby, he said.

The reopening was not just opening the doors of the distillery again. Leatherwood got back to what it does best, Lang said, with the launch of Tennessee Straight Whiskey and the unveiling of the new look inside the distillery.

While the tasting room has remained similar to how it was before the fire, the production room boasts brand new equipment and wall coverings, he said.

In the coming months, Lang said there are definitely some exciting new developments, including a new rum and new entertainment.

“In about a month or two, we’ll have a new rum that’s aged in beer barrels. It’s called Black Flash Rum,” he said.

On August 15, Leatherwood is planning a professional wrestling event outdoors, featuring athletes from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which is televised, Lang said. Roman Rozell will be among those taking the mat. Rozell is an Army veteran who served with the 7th Special Forces and broke NCAA records when he started for the ASU Sun Devils’ wrestling team.

To find out more about Leatherwood Distillery and their upcoming events, check out their Facebook page at

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