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School Board Candidates Hamblin, Ray Face off in Third District

In the District Three race for Cheatham County School Board, incumbent Jennifer Hamblin will be challenged by Tim Ray. The Post has obtained statements from each candidate to help promote informed voting (see below).

Early voting began on Friday, July 17, and ends on Saturday, August 1st, 2020. The last day a by-mail absentee request can be processed Thursday, July 30th, 2020.

Jennifer Hamblin, School Board Candidate (3rd District)

Four years ago, I committed dedication and service to the following areas:

*Accountable Leadership

*Students, Classrooms, & Teachers First

*No Common Core

*Stronger Focus on Special Education

*Strong Communication

*Collaborative Environment for Teachers

*Full Budget Transparency and Strong Financial Oversight

*Increase Parent & Community Involvement *Increase CTE Programs – STEM

I stated that goals are achieved, and quality was generated with accountability. I rolled up my

sleeves and went to work, with a great team, and transparency in motion. I am honored, happy,

and proud to remind you of our great successes, the past four years, and we are just getting


There had been a lot of transition, in Cheatham County Schools, over the past decade. We chose

to create a 5-year strategic plan, to offer the best we could, to our Students, Teachers, Staff,

Parents, and Community. The 5 priority areas chosen were: Academic Excellence, Technology,

Facilities, Partnerships/Community Engagement, & Human Capitol.

We have celebrated successes in ACADEMICS, SAFETY, FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY, HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEACHERS, AND CAPITOL PROJECT IMPROVEMENTS. A few of those successes we have had, with components of our 5-year plan are:

*We have added an SRO in every one of our schools.

*We have provided 1:1 laptops for all students in grades in 7-12/5 & 6 grades will be issued Fall 2020.

*We have purchased land to build our Bus Barn and new Sycamore High School which is underway.

*We have put money in our fund balance for the past 2 years.

*We have expanded Dual Enrollment, a collaborative with APSU that includes students graduating with an AA Degree at the same time.

*We created the Cheatham Advantage Reward Program for all Employees

*We have completed MANY Capitol Project Improvements in the North Cluster

It has been a privilege and honor to serve Pleasant View, and the Third District. There have been

challenges and major successes. I have never stopped fighting for you and will not. Again, we

are just getting started. I was proud to submit the following votes:

*Voted for Additional Year of Teacher Insurance Coverage before Rate Change

*Voted for Teacher Retirees to Retain Spouse Medical Coverage

*Voted for $500 Bonus in February 2020 Pay

Respectfully, I ask for your continued support, with your Vote to Re-Elect me as your District 3

School Board Member. Early Voting is July 17 – August 1. Election Day is August 6th. Thank You.

Tim Ray, School Board Candidate (3rd District)

My name is Tim Ray, and I am a candidate for the Third District Seat on the Cheatham County School Board.

I taught Business and Economics at Cheatham County Central High for 13 years. I was also an assistant football, boys basketball as well as girls basketball coach. I was the Boys Head Basketball Coach from 1990-1994. I also maintained a CDL with a school bus endorsement for over 20 years. During my career, I drove countless bus routes all over the county. I was Assistant Principal at Cheatham Central in 1997-98. I was the first Assistant Principal and Athletic Director of Sycamore High School from 1998-2007. I was Principal of Sycamore High from 2007-2011. I was Supervisor of Adult Education from 2011-2012 before retiring.

I do not know any celebrities that I would ask to endorse me for the Third District Seat on the Cheatham County School Board, but there is a lot I know from my 30 years in education.

I know what it is like to start a school bus, at 5 a.m. on a winter morning, so that it will be warm for the students when they board.

I know what it is like to write lesson plans, grade papers at night, go to the school on the weekend to make copies and buy supplies out of my own pocket.

I know what it is like to stand in front of a class of 35 teenagers and engage them in learning.

I know what it is like to coach a team and build a successful program.

I know what it is like to administer discipline, safety, and security in a school.

I know what it is like to build a coalition of community, business and government agencies to establish a new athletic program from the ground up, including the construction of all the outdoor athletic facilities.

I know the pain of comforting a parent after the loss of their child. I know the importance of being able to offer comfort to a child after the loss of a parent or sibling.

I know all of these things and many more, because I walked in the shoes of a teacher, coach, bus driver, administrator and parent for over 30 years.

I believe There are 3 Things the Cheatham County Board Of Education must address immediately. The Cheatham County School Board must plan for a population explosion in the Northern Cluster. Our School System must become more competitive in the race to hire and retain quality teachers. We also need to utilize the funding that we currently have at our disposal to maximize student success.

Specifically, I would like to see an emphasis in high demand Job Ready Skills Programs. This should include technology related skills such as coding and construction and manufacturing related skills like welding.

I would love to offer my experience to the citizens of the Third District.

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