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School Employee Incentive Program Extended

A plan to help retain the more than 900 employees of the Cheatham County School District and to help recruit new workers, is getting new life.

The Cheatham Advantage program is a partnership with Cheatham County businesses who provide special discounts or perks to Cheatham County School District staff and faculty, according to Tim Adkins, CCSD Director of Communications. The partnership, according to the district’s website, also helps offer extra exposure to participating merchants.

Cheatham Advantage was launched in March, right before the COVID-19 outbreak led to the closure of local schools. Dr. Cathy Beck, CCSD Director of Schools, recommended during the June meeting of the school board to extend the program through 2021.

“Businesses who wish to become a Cheatham Advantage partner must submit a completed form and offer a discount or service that is above and beyond what is offered to the general public on a regular basis,” Adkins said.

“Many school districts across the country have implemented similar programs, and we wanted to do the same in Cheatham County as a small way to show appreciation to our employees,” he said.

About 30 Cheatham County businesses have already signed up, Adkins said, and the district is reaching out to all of them this summer to ensure they still want to participate in the program.

In order to take advantage of the discount, employees must show their ID badge at participating businesses. Some of the perks include things like a certain discount at a restaurant or business (such as 10% off a purchase), a free drink at a restaurant with the purchase of a meal, or other unique offer.

To find out more about Cheatham Advantage, check the district’s website at

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