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'Lost Year' for Riverbluff Triathlon

Due to Governor Lee’s most recent order, the 2020 Riverbluff Triathlon will be canceled.

The recent extension of the State of Tennessee’s state-of-emergency order forced management to reevaluate the race-day plan. After much deliberation, the decision was made to cancel the popular Ashland City event that was scheduled for August 8.

“This decision does not come lightly as we worked tirelessly to make these races happen and not have them suffer the same fate that all of our previous 2020 events have already suffered,” said race founder and event director Joe Fleenor. “But despite the fact that we had tremendously high expectations for this year, we are still extremely excited about the future and can tell you that some big things are already in the works.”

Anyone who has registered for the event will be contacted about the next steps.

“2020 might be a lost year for us, but we know there are other amazing local race companies around the southeast still able to deliver races and we strongly suggest you check them out and support them,” Fleenor added.

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