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Nutrition Business Opening Soon in Ashland City

Ashland City will soon be home to a new nutrition business.

Good Vibes Nutrition, located in the small strip of shops just before Tennessee Waltz Parkway when coming out of downtown, offers a variety of protein shakes and energy drinks and teas.

A search for a healthier option than coffee is what led Stephanie Coats, owner of Good Vibes Nutrition, to seek out protein smoothies and energy teas, and eventually start up the business.

“There are only so many ways to make coffee, and these shakes and teas don’t give you the heaviness that some coffee drinks can,” Coats said.

She and her husband heard about the available retail space through another business owner in Ashland City, and came from East Tennessee to open Good Vibes.

“It’s nice in Ashland City and reminds me of East Tennessee and gives you the feeling of being away from it all,” she said.

Coats said they hope to open the weekend after July 4th and will be offering ten flavors of protein shakes, including banana pudding and cookie dough. They will also have “loaded teas” which have vitamins and caffeine but no sugar with flavors like strawberry lemonade, grape Jolly Rancher, Captain America, and mermaid, she said. Caffeine-free versions of the energy drinks will be available for kids.

Good Vibes Nutrition is located at 605 N. Main St. and their Facebook page is

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