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Benefit Auction for Local 2-Year-Old Receives Overwhelming Response

Over $27,000 has been raised in an online auction to benefit a two-year-old Cheatham County boy battling a rare type of cancer. Ethan Shaw, the youngest of eight children, was diagnosed in March, according to the organizers of the online silent auction which was held from May 29 – 31.

The young boy has undergone surgery to remove his brain tumor and is now receiving treatment that is very costly: $17,000 per month for the next eight months. Unfortunately, the family’s insurance does not cover the bills. Ethan’s dad, Will Shaw, is self-employed, and he and his wife Shavona are struggling to keep these major medical costs covered.

About three weeks ago, the Shaw’s network of homeschooling friends came up with a plan to help. Lindsey Carney, Casey Davis, Lianna Hamm, Lauren Moore, Lindsay Singer, and Tiffany Ziegler organized a silent auction on Facebook. “As a mom, I could not sleep, seeing what the Shaw’s were going through,” Carney said.

She and the other five women worked their contacts and reached out to mutual friends and connected with local retailers. What happened next was more than what any of them expected, she said.

Dozens of businesses and citizens from Cheatham, Robertson, and Montgomery Counties donated more than $20,000 in gift cards, catering services, apparel, art, décor, HVAC services, fashion accessories, hair care products, massages, baby goods, cookware, and much more. “These aren’t big corporations, but local folks doing what they can. Businesses that have been impacted by the coronavirus, who are likely struggling to get back on their feet themselves, jumping in and being more than willing to give a helping hand," Carney said.

More than 1,400 neighbors participated in the auction, an overwhelming response. “Our community, it’s incredible. It makes me proud to be born and raised in a small town,” she said.

If you would like to help out and missed the auction, you can donate to the Shaw family via PayPal at or via Venmo at @Shavona-Shaw.

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