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Keenan not Seeking Reelection, Thanks Community for Eight Years of Service

Today, Perry Keenan announced that he would not be running for a third term as Pleasant View Mayor.

In a video filmed at Pleasant View Community Park with family by his side, Keenan stated he was humbled and honored to have served the community for the past eight years.

“I have poured my heart and soul into this community and this job that you guys have so graciously given me. It has been my true honor, and I am humbled and blessed that you have elected me twice— it is something I am so proud of,” he said.

“When I started this, my kids were little and now that they are growing up. It’s time for me to be more dad and less mayor.”

During his double term, events like Climb-a-Truck, Cruise’n N Groove’n, and the Veterans Day program were founded.

“These amazing events help us hold on to the community feel we are all so proud of,” said Keenan.

Most notably over the past eight years, the Town of Pleasant View has been able to operate debt free— even without local property tax.

“That is almost unheard of in this state, and something we should all be really proud of,” he said.

Keenan’s official last day in office will be Tuesday, December 8, for the regularly scheduled city council meeting.

In addition to the position of mayor, two alderman seats (Hardwick/Pritchett) will be opening up.

For those that are interested, petitions can be pulled beginning Friday, May 22, at the Cheatham County Election Commission in Ashland City.

The election will take place on November 3.

After assuring residents he plans to continue “pouring his heart and soul” into Pleasant View for the remainder of his term, Keenan closed the video announcement by saying, “Our family is going to be prayerful over our community and the leaders you are going to elect this coming November.”

The full video can be seen here:

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