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Local Seniors Honored Through Banners and Signs

A banner honoring local seniors has been placed at the four-way intersection in Pleasant View.

An idea sparked and driven by Cheatham County Chamber Director Misty Keenan and local photographer Meri Crisp, the banner celebrates seniors from Sycamore High School and Pleasant View Christian School who have missed out on the last few months of their final year due to the pandemic.

Crisp, who was originally doing senior yard signs, raised funds to help cover costs of donated signs- making it possible for all seniors to have one. And while the Town of Pleasant View had the intention of paying for the banner, the fundraising for the yard signs was successful enough to cover the cost.

Donations for the project generously came from Alisha Duncan at 24 Realty and KARS.

Crisp has other student-related projects in the works, too. A banner is currently being made for fourth-graders at East Cheatham Elementary School and Pleasant View Elementary School, as well as the eighth-graders at Sycamore Middle School.

“The smiles and responses from the kids and parents has been amazing,” says Crisp.

The banner can be seen at the main intersection in town, on the side where Wendy’s and Dunkin' Donuts are located.

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