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Coaches Celebrate War Eagle Seniors

In late April, in honor of the seniors who will not get to finish their final baseball season due to the pandemic, Sycamore War Eagle coaches dressed the field, turned on the lights, and put their numbers at their positions.

“Although our season has been affected, like so many others, it is important to me and my staff to sincerely thank our senior class for the hard work, dedication, and memories they have put into this program,” Head Coach Matt Carrigan said. “Nothing has meant more to us than being a small part of these young men’s lives.”

The Sycamore War Eagle seniors are:

Jarrett Edmondson #9

Jared McCoy #22

Trevor Thomason #12

Tyler Heckert # 1

Noah Jolley # 21

Bailey Chapman # 13

Logan Ivey #28

“We look forward to getting back to baseball, but we are devastated that it will be without the young men affected most by this,” he added. “Good luck in all of your future endeavors.”

The War Eagles are coached by Matt Carrigan, Michael Brown, and Winston Vaughn.

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