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Opportunity Created to Support Local Seniors

A Pleasant View resident is helping local seniors get through the unprecedented lows of not being able to finish out the academic year due to pandemic-related school closures.

Heather Curtis’ idea was sparked from a neighboring county’s efforts to support their seniors. Earlier this week, she created a Facebook page, Cheatham Senior Sponsors, for parents to post their high school senior so that teachers, businesses, and members of the community can sponsor them.

The process begins with a parent or guardian posting a picture of their senior along with a little background information. Then, someone wishing to sponsor that senior will comment “I Will Sponsor” and await more information such as an address, likes, dislikes, and gift ideas for their chosen upcoming grad.

All support—big or small— is welcome.

“The gift of giving is in the hands of the sponsors,” Curtis says. “Also, please consider sending a letter, card, or words of encouragement to multiple students. Just a little hope can go a long way, and everyone loves happy mail!”

To help stimulate the Cheatham County economy and help local business owners through tough times, sponsors are encouraged to shop locally.

“Please support our hometown businesses that have helped our schools, sports teams, and students along the way,” Curtis encourages.

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