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Cheatham Soccer Coach Honors Seniors

Cheatham County high schools participated in the #BeTheLight movement on April 16. During the event designed to honor high school senior athletes, athletic fields around the county were lit up.

Coach Michael Burke, the Cheatham County Cubs boys soccer coach, went the extra mile by painting the seniors' numbers on the field as they would line up at kickoff.

“We had all the seniors show up to stand where they played their positions- where I had painted their numbers on the field,” Burke said.

Eight Cheatham senior players did not get to finish their final season:

Bryan Ham (team captain/co-captain for three years and a four-year starter), Caden Mitchell (two-year co-captain and four-year starter), Jansen Binkley (four-year starter), Dakota Wilver (four-year fullback), Jay Hires (goalie who earned the starting position his junior season), Russ Wipert (three-year starter but a junior-year injury made him unable to play senior year but he was going to be the team trainer), Jose Matos (two-year player who also suffered an injury his junior year and was going to be a team trainer), and Johnny Clifton (two year player).

Out of the eight senior players, according to Burke, six are going to continue on to college, and three of them are planning on playing soccer at the college level.

“I am planning on having a season-ending game against the Cheatham County Alumni Team when we can get back onto the field, and also have a big picnic for everyone,” Burke said. “I am looking forward to seeing these young men become great leaders for the community and our nation upon graduating from college.”

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