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Ashland City Business Supports Local Frontline with Sanitizer Donation

Several weeks ago, when Cheatham Chamber Director Misty Keenan coordinated lunch deliveries to local medical clinics, she also had the idea of getting frontline workers hand sanitizer.

As Leatherwood Distillery began making sanitizer at their Pleasant View location, Keenan recognized the opportunity to help multiple local businesses at the same time.

"It is great to live in a community where businesses are willing to change their normal production to fill the need of the community," said Keenan. "This was not an easy task for Leatherwood Distillery, but they were up for the challenge."

Keenan and Jerome Terrell, the county's economic development director, then found a local business willing to donate the funds to support the massive donation of hand sanitizer they had in mind.

Quick to help, Travis Jarrett of Jarrett Concrete Products & Supply, Inc. in Ashland City donated $500 to the project.

Because of his generosity, multiple Cheatham County medical clinics, law enforcement agencies, and businesses were supplied with gallons of Leatherwood's sanitizer.

"The Jarretts are great community servants and always find a way to give back," Keenan added.

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