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Sycamore High Teachers Donate Excess Sanitizing Products to Help Local Frontline Workers

Emily Harvison at Grace Peds

Late last week, after contacting her peers, Sycamore High math teacher Shea Phillips went to the Pleasant View-based school to gather up excess sanitizing supplies donated by parents at the beginning of the school year to help local frontline workers.

The hand sanitizer, wipes, spray, and even exam gloves that she collected were donated to Grace Pediatrics in Pleasant View and the Pleasant View Police Department.

"It is easy to feel helpless at home, so it was a simple way to help others," Phillips said. "Thank you to all of the teachers who allowed me to get their things."

If you are a local frontline worker who is in need of GermX, Lysol, or sanitizing wipes, please email The remainder of the donations will be distributed to those who need it.

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