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Sheriff: Coronavirus Precautions In Place on Patrols, in Jail

During the coronavirus outbreak, Cheatham County’s deputies are taking extra steps to protect themselves while they work to keep the public safe, including using masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes, and cleaners, according to Sheriff Mike Breedlove. Deputies are also told to bring an extra uniform with them in case they come in contact with someone who might be sick, Breedlove said. One deputy is self-quarantined after a potential coronavirus exposure, he said.

Breedlove said deputies exercising more caution by utilizing their phones and not entering into people’s residences if possible. “If we can handle a call by phone, we will,” he said. “If the people needing our help can come outside of their home to speak with us, that helps to protect our team,” Breedlove said.

Citizens will see more deputies on patrol. “We are out there and more visible. School Resource Officers are out helping on two different shifts while schools are out,” he said, which is vital as more calls about prowlers and domestic violence are coming in as part of the outbreak. “Because of family members being cooped up, conflicts happen. We are working closely with Safe Haven Cheatham County regarding these incidents,” Breedlove said.

At Cheatham County Jail, he said precautions are also in place to protect deputies and inmates, including tents and outdoor portable toilets.

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