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Pleasant View ‘Proactively’ Declares State of Emergency

In a video filmed at Pleasant View Community Park earlier this afternoon, Pleasant View Mayor Perry Keenan announced that Pleasant View was declaring a State of Emergency.

Keenan stated that the reasoning behind the decision was mainly due to federal programs and funding that may become available to areas that have the State of Emergency declaration.

“We are being told by the state that it is a good idea to be proactive on this,” Mayor Keenan said. “We don’t want anyone to get overly freaked out. This is just something we are trying to do to be proactive to allow our community and local businesses to be eligible for any dollars that may come from federal disaster relief.”

Tad Wheeler, chief of the Pleasant View Police Department, took a moment to assure citizens that his department is fully staffed and the officers are ready to the “very best they can.”

Having to adjust certain aspects of law enforcement for safety reasons, Wheeler stated that while they are still readily available to assist where needed, things may be done a little differently.

“They may take your call over the phone, they may come to your residence and ask you to step outside…” Wheeler said. “But they are still here working hard for our community.”

Also addressed in the video was Pleasant View Community Park. The town’s Public Works department, also fully staffed and operational, are still maintaining it. They have also put social distancing signs up around the park and on the nature trail, department director Todd Orange stated.

Over next 14 days, Keenan said, local officials will be heavily watching the park to determine if it can continue to remain open. If park patrons will remain off the playground equipment and maintain safe distances, it will remain open to the public.

Keenan asked the public to “police themselves” and be good stewards of the community.

“We have to do our best to keep the community safe,” Keenan added. “We are not taking any chances.”

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