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Excess School Supplies Aid Local First Responders During Pandemic

Within minutes of hearing an idea about how to help local first responders as they work through these dangerous times, Sycamore Middle School Principal Robyn Miller sprang into action.

On Thursday, April 2, Miller went into her school and gathered excess supplies, ultimately collecting crates of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

The products were immediately turned over to the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office who then passed them out to areas like the jail, patrol, and admin. Cheatham County EMS also received a portion of the supplies.

“We are humbled and deeply appreciative for the donation of self-protection supplies,” says Sheriff Mike Breedlove. “These donations will certainly help us in the Covid-19 fight. It truly takes all of us as one team working together. This is a pure example of why we are Team Cheatham!"

Miller, positive she did the right thing for her students and community, said, “The kids at Sycamore Middle School love to help their community. I think this is what they would have wanted to do.”

In the event that school does end up returning for a brief time in May, though, Miller was sure to leave enough supplies to support that.

Currently, Sycamore High School is working toward accomplishing the same thing. The supplies gathered from the Pleasant View-based high school will be donated to the Pleasant View Police Department and other places/agencies in need.

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