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Letter to the Editor: Sanctuaries

I am very pleased that Mayor McCarver and commissioners stood with common sense and backed our constitution.

Yes, taking a reversal stance to protect our judicial system.

Sanctuaries were first politically used by Liberal Democrats to protect criminals and border jumpers. Main agenda use sanctuaries to tear down our judicial system by making our laws not worth the paper written on. Remember commissioners Dr. Connie Mayo and Ed Greer when elections come around. If these two individuals would put restrictions on law abiding citizens then what else are they willing to punish you with. I bet these two individuals said they were independent.

Sanctuaries at the same time they protect criminals are also taking away your freedoms and liberties. Sanctuaries if left in place kills our laws and left alone and adding too will kill America.

True Americans like Mayor McCarver and commissioners that voted for protecting our second amendment should be thank by everyone.

Thank you folks for not wanting change to our Constitution.

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