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County Mayor Confirms 5 Local COVID-19 Cases, Addresses 'Stay at Home' Order Questions

This afternoon, Cheatham County Mayor Kerry McCarver released a statement regarding the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases within the county:

"Cheatham County now has five confirmed COVID 19 cases according to the State of Tennessee Department of Health.

The social distancing and other measures appear to be slowing the spread of the virus in our county. We must continue to monitor in the coming days and pray for continued good news.

Several have called my office asking why I have not issued a stay at home order. The answer is simple- the Mayor does not have the authority per State law.

Our Health Officer has the legal authority to issue such a quarantine or the Tennessee State Board of Health or the Governor.

I spoke to our Health Officer Dr. Parrish today and she said she and the state board are monitoring the number of confirmed cases, but at this time have not declared any sort of self quarantine for Cheatham County.

Dr. Parrish did encourage anyone who could stay home to do so and it you must be out please keep a minimum of six feet from others.

The weather forecast has three sunny days coming our way. I hope the return of sun allows our kids and grandkids out of the house to help us all.

Stay safe and take care of each other."

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