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Viv & Dickey’s Makes Alternate, Cheer-bringing Plans After Record Store Day Postponed

With the announcement that Record Store Day was being postponed until June due to the current wide-spread coronavirus threat, Cheatham County’s vinyl-loving couple, Phillip and Melanie Ruiz, wasted no time in making alternate plans that are aimed at keeping moods elevated during uncertain times.

Instead of bringing everyone into Viv & Dickey's for the festivities, Phillip and Melanie are bringing the fun to them.

Starting last weekend, they have been putting together “entertainment packs” that offer items like games, music, and movies—all things to drive away boredom during the social distancing situation currently facing Americans. Free delivery is available to anyone within a 25-mile radius of their Joelton-based shop by way of people who have been laid off due to the global pandemic.

“We are going to use these uncertain times to try something new,” says Phillip. “We see this as a time to reach out to everyone and offer them a true distraction from our grim reality. It is also a way to help those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis.”

Various live sales will also give shoppers a chance to view and purchase a wide variety of unique items ranging from vintage knick-knacks from the 1940's to the unique and kitschy items that found their popularity in the 1990s…and everything in-between.

While the details are still being worked out on how to bring people live music sure to take the worry away, Phillip and Melanie are exploring the option of live steaming performances so that fans and customers can enjoy some tunes from the comfort of their own homes.

To find out when the sales will take place or order an entertainment pack, follow Viv & Dickey’s on Facebook and Instagram, or call (615) 840-9482.

Initially scheduled for April 18, Record Store Day 2020 is now on the books for June 20. For more information on what to expect for the rescheduled event, visit

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