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Mayor Announces Confirmed COVID-19 Case in Cheatham County

In a statement released from Cheatham County Mayor Kerry McCarver this afternoon, he confirmed that the State of Tennessee has notified the Cheatham County Health Department of a confirmed COVID-19 within the county.

Beginning tomorrow, March 19, all Cheatham County Government buildings will be closed to the public. The courts will continue to operate and include the public per directive from the State Supreme Court. All other services will be suspended, McCarver said, with no public access to county buildings through Friday, April 3, 2020.

The County Health Department will remain open to the public, and all emergency services will continue to run as normal.

"Please take care of those in need around you, and keep you and your family safe as we weather this challenge. Please pray," McCarver urged.

"I want to thank Ashland City Mayor Steve Allen, Pleasant View Mayor Perry Keenan, Kingston Springs Mayor Tony Gross and Ashland City Parks Director Scott Sampson for joining in on a conference call from Governor Bill Lee this morning to provide the latest updates on the ever changing issues we face with COVID 19."

More details will be released as they come in.

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