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Cheatham Animal Control Closes For Building Work

Cheatham County Animal Control will close on March 29 for crews to remove mold, replace the ceiling, and install a new heating and air conditioning system. According to CCAC Director Kristin Reid, the facility will be closed two weeks and no humans or animals can be inside the building while the work is done.

Nineteen animals need to find homes, whether through adoption or temporary fostering, Reid said. All adoption fees are waived. Temporary fosters will receive food, bowls, leashes, and all other necessities. CCAC stopped receiving new animals on March 16, and any owners who scheduled surrenders will be notified. If residents encounter a stray animal and can hold them, Reid said to email the CCAC and they will assist residents with a temporary foster.

For emergencies, she said for folks to call local law enforcement officials and they will contact the CCAC.

“We’re fortunate to have a very responsive and supportive community, and we can really use help from anyone looking to adopt or willing to foster one of our animals until work is completed. And remember, all fees are waived for adoptions, Reid said.

Cheatham County Animal Control is located at 2797 Sams Creek Road, Pegram, Tenn. You can email them on their Facebook:

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