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The Hateful Chicken Is Open For Hang Out or Carry Out

Downtown Ashland City’s newest family-friendly restaurant is officially open for business. The Hateful Chicken held a soft opening the week of Feb. 11 with barbecue, burgers, deep-fried bologna sandwiches, wings, chicken strips, fries, deep-fried livers with white gravy and more, with some customers carrying out their meals while others decided to hang out.

Owner Melinda Hamilton said she will announce the grand opening in the coming weeks and appreciates all the positive feedback from citizens. “The community has been awesome, and we have been thanked everyday by several who come in here and eat. That has made us feel really good that it’s being enjoyed by so many. We are hoping to continue making this place as comfortable as we can,” she said.

The Hateful Chicken will also offer adult fun later at night. “After a certain cut-off time, we’ll have karaoke, dart night, bike night, live bands, and other fun events to let the grown-ups relax and unwind,” Hamilton said.

You can catch up with The Hateful Chicken on Facebook at The restaurant is located at 164 S. Main St., Suite 300, Ashland City, Tenn. The phone number is 615-246-1563.

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