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New Restaurant Coming to Downtown Ashland City

There’s nothing to dislike about The Hateful Chicken, a new restaurant opening in downtown Ashland City in mid-December. Owner Melinda Hamilton said the eatery off the Courthouse Square will boast a chilled-out garage vibe and serve up wings, pulled pork barbecue, fried delicacies like frog legs, gator tail, and livers and gravy, as well as homemade sides and desserts. “I grew up around old cars and body work, and I wanted to share that kind of atmosphere with our customers, along with family recipes from my cook’s mother and grandmother,” Hamilton said.

After living in Ashland City more than 20 years and managing a restaurant in Nashville, she said it was time to the give the community a family-friendly eatery that will also offer adult fun later at night. “After a certain cut-off time, we’ll have karaoke, dart night, bike night, live bands, and other fun events to let the grown-ups relax and unwind,” Hamilton said.

The Hateful Chicken will offer specials to veterans, law enforcement and emergency responders, as well as to local educators. “We want to give back a little to the teachers and the school system,” she explained, which leads to one of the other main reasons why Hamilton wanted to open her new business across from the courthouse.

Her two sons attend school in Cheatham County and play ball locally, and this single mom wanted the flexibility to work her own schedule. “After the soft opening, we will eventually be open seven days a week. I’ll have staff to help out when I need to take one of the boys to the doctor for an hour or so,” she said.

Hamilton said that by owning her own business, she will have a bit more control on how much time she spends on work. She said she’s getting help from a great support network of family and friends upon whom to rely. Hamilton gave a shout out to all of her family and to her friend Veronica Dyer, who is “helping every step of the way and will be involved daily” in the restaurant. She said she’s thankful to all of them for believing in her as she creates her vision: a comfortable, simple place with home-cooked food and fun for all ages.

You can catch up with The Hateful Chicken on Facebook at The restaurant is located at 164 S. Main St., Suite 300, Ashland City, Tenn. The phone number is 615-246-1563.

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