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PV Chiropractor Celebrates Equestrian Win

A local chiropractor who is typically helping her clients’ four-legged friends feel better, is celebrating a big win with one of her longtime equine companions. Dr. Morgan Ratkowski won the All-Around Amateur award at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress 2019 Championships in October. Ratkowski garnered the most points in her category riding Better Buy The Minit, also known Murray. This is her ninth Congress championship with her horse pal.

Ratkowski’s strong relationship with Murray is no accident, though. The Illinois native grew up loving horses and seeing them cared for through chiropractic. That led to her seeking chiropractic as her field of study in college. “As a kid, our family always had our horses adjusted as part of their care. I saw the benefits they had. It was cool to see how the chiropractic care worked through the animals,” she said. As a result, her human family members also sought chiropractic adjustments to help them stay healthy.

Horses aren’t the only creatures in Ratkowski’s family who have benefited from chiropractic. “Our family showed dogs, and chiropractic can help dogs, too, whether it’s getting on and off the couch or ear issues,” she said. “After adjustment, the dogs would always see improvement. A lot of people think chiropractic is just for pain, but it can do much more. It can keep the nervous system clear so the body can heal,” Ratkowski said.

She has been with Carmack Chiropractic for little over a year and has cared for many types of small animals in her office. Ratkowski said she enjoys seeing small dogs like dachshunds, but she would also like to help larger animals, like cows. With several cattle farms in the Cheatham County area and surrounding counties, Ratkowski will probably get to help one sooner rather than later. The doctor also has the opportunity to help out Murray and the other four horses on her farm in Pleasant View. “The farm is just down the road from the clinic, and I get the chance to go ride on lunch break,” she said.

You can reach Dr. Morgan Ratkowski at Carmack Chiropractic at 222 Village Square, Suite 100, Pleasant View, Tenn. The phone number is 615-746-8700. Their Facebook page is

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