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Pleasant View Christian School Announces Honor Society Inductees

Pleasant View Christian School recently held its annual Honor Society Induction for students who have met the qualifications for this prestigious honor. This year, PVCS inducted 10 juniors and 2 seniors.

The new inductees, as well as the student body were challenged by Mayor Perry Keenan. Mayor Keenan reminded the students that successes are often preceded by multiple failures, and that they shouldn’t be afraid to fail. Failures should be seen as a refining process that we must go through, just like gold has to be refined before it can reach its full value.

This year's Honor Society Inductees are:

  • ● Nathan Blades

  • ● Brodie Blevins

  • ● Julia Chandler

  • ● Chandler Edgin

  • ● Makayla Edgin

  • ● Hollister Hamlin

● Hope Rinehart ● Reid Shoemaker ● Elizabeth Shrout ● Joshua Suiter ● Karsey Upchurch ● Anna Grace Voorhies

Requirements to be an Honor Society member are:

  • ● Junior or Senior

  • ● Earned a 3.25 GPA

  • ● 2 teacher references and 1 community leader reference

  • ● Demonstration of servant leadership qualities

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