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Tiny Parakeet Found Safe One Month After Escape

Two Cheatham County families are celebrating the safe return of a beloved pet: The family who found a missing parakeet in their backyard and the family who lost the tiny bird one month ago. The beautiful green bird was reported missing back in early August in the area of Ed Harris Road. Anita Hector posted that the parakeet flew out the door of their home August 10.

Just about a month later in a neighborhood about five miles away, the Boehm family spotted an unusual sight in their backyard: a tiny green parakeet. Cathy Boehm posted the picture of the bird on Facebook and several neighbors said the bird looked a lot like the one who vanished.

Boehm reached out to the Hector family on social media, and a happy reunion happened a few days later. “The owner picked up her sweet baby. Amazing that first we found the owner and second this bird lived for a month outside. God is so good,” Boehm said.

An interesting, related note: The Boehms and the Hectors were not strangers; the families had met in April 2018, when the Boehms sold an aviary to them.

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