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Cheatham County Musical Pioneer Mickey Dyce to Hold Reunion Performance, Seeking Former Students

With a Veterans Day reunion performance in mind, members of the community are searching for former choir students of Mickey Dyce.

As one of Cheatham County’s musical pioneers, Dyce began local chorus, music, and choir classes at multiple schools, helping to bring music into the lives of countless individuals.

“I could not be more thankful for each of them— their enthusiasm, their love of music, and of each other,” Dyce says of his former students. “It seems like only yesterday that I was going between Sycamore and Cheatham High teaching what I love and interacting with students that changed my life.”

Beginning in 1974, Dyce’s talented classes performed in various competitions and concerts in cities like Philadelphia and Orlando. They were the main entertainment for a TVA anniversary party on a river barge, they performed at Opryland, and they even produced a record album in 1982.

Back in Cheatham County, they also proudly performed at local Veterans Day events- something they would like to do once again.

While many former students have remained in touch over the years, Cindy Perry, a student who was positively impacted by Dyce when she was younger, thought a reunion performance would be a fantastic idea.

“The Veterans Day shows we did were the absolute best for me,” says Perry who is spearheading the harmonious reunion.

Anyone interested in taking part in the reunion performance should contact

Event dates and rehearsal times are coming soon.

“Our only goal is to honor our Veterans while bringing us all together again to reminisce,” Dyce says. “How does one find a way to say thank you to so many? How many lives were made a little better or a little brighter by those years?” asks Dyce.

“I salute each of you wherever life has taken you and wish you grace and peace.”

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