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'Dinner Under the Trees' to Benefit Historic Homestead

The Braxton Lee Homestead Foundation is inviting the public to attend a farm-to-table event, “Dinner Under the Trees,” to help them preserve the Braxton Lee Homestead.

The unique experience, scheduled for September 14, will boast locally-sourced fare served under the trees with a view of Marrowbone Lake, the Railroad Trestle, and Sydney's Bluff.

Attendees will also enjoy signature cocktails sponsored by Leatherwood Distillery, lawn croquet- a local tradition, a silent auction, Bluegrass music by the Homestead Boys, and tours of the home.

To purchase tickets now through Sept 6, go to Tickets are $100 each, and $175 for two.

Through the event, and other fundraising efforts, the foundation hopes to raise $625,000 by the end of the year to purchase the 57 acres that surround Ashland City’s oldest standing structure.

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