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Chonda Pierce to Film New Movie at Cheatham County Fair, Courthouse

Nationally acclaimed comedienne Chonda Pierce is helping shine a spotlight on the Cheatham County by filming her new movie at the fair later this month, according to County Mayor Kerry McCarver. Pierce, who has called Ashland City her home for more than four decades, will be shooting during the fair’s run, August 27 – 31 at the county fairgrounds, and at the historic courthouse.

Pierce and her production company will be working out of the Tucker Empson Building on Main Street. According to an agreement approved by the Cheatham County Commission in July, production crews will have up to ten weeks to use the facility, and will pay all utilities, cleaning costs, and any other fees related to their use. Utility expenses were estimated around $5,000.

The script mentions Cheatham County and Ashland City as well local landmarks, McCarver said. “I am hoping all the movie connections will know about Cheatham County and that it is a good experience, so more projects will head our way. While this movie is filming, it will have a great economic impact on Ashland City and Cheatham County,” he said.

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