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Anticipating a ‘Magical’ Year: School Board Meeting Wrap-up: August 1, 2019

Public Forum

In response to recent concern regarding the district’s facility usage policy and related fees sparked by a facilities audit, two members of the community spoke during the meeting’s public forum.

Larry Turner, a representative of the Cheatham County Youth Basketball Association, discussed the value of the basketball/cheer program and how the league benefits local schools and their students.

Shane Allen of Pleasant View also addressed the facility fees and how they would impact the 38-year-old program. The required fees, he said, would potentially double registration costs and severely cut down practice time for young athletes.

“By implementing these fees, I am concerned that the programs that have been around for decades will cease to exist, and that the extra financial burden imposed by these fees will cause unnecessary hardships,” he said.

“I cannot begin to convey the extraordinary work that community volunteers put into helping these programs remain accessible to our youth as means to promote activity, foster personal and athletic growth, and provide an escape for children that come from less-than- opportunistic home conditions,” he added.

Later in the meeting, Board Chairman John Louallen encouraged concerned parties to attend the board’s work sessions, stating “that is where you’re going to find out the most information.”

The district’s facility policy is on the agenda for the next work session scheduled for August 29 at 6:30 PM.

“There will be more discussion, more options…and if you have a better solution, please bring it forward, call a board member, reach out to the director,” he encouraged. “…But it will be discussed during the next work session.”

Riverside Academy Goal Update

Riverside Academy Assistant Principal Dr. Andrea Bringard discussed the school’s goals for the upcoming school year which include implementing an onsite food bank, increasing community partnerships, rewarding positive behavior, and providing students with more support, resources, and screening.

Five-Year Plan

Tim Adkins, the school district’s communication director, presented the board with a snapshot into the upcoming school year and how it will align with the district’s five-year plan. Adkins discussed increasing student opportunity, the development of community partnerships, enhancing internal and external communication as well as family engagement, and expanding the Shop Local initiative that will benefit local schools by way of sales tax.

Adkins also announced that this year’s district hashtag is “#CheathamMagic."


Dr. Cathy Beck announced the appointments for her PECCA board: Dr. Tara Watson, Stacy Brinkley, Wendy Cox, Shelley Duke, John Louallen, and Allen Woods. Five members of the board voted to approve the appointments; Chairman Luallen abstained from voting due to him being on the PECCA board.

Budget & Finance

-The board unanimously voted to accept the Safe Schools Amendment - $7, 355.40

-The board unanimously voted to accept the Perkins Reserve Grant - $50k

-The board unanimously voted to accept the 21st Century Grant- $90,900

Celebrating 45 Years

Candy Turner of Kingston Springs Elementary School was recognized for 45 years of service.

“45 years is amazing and we thank her for all that,” said Louallen.


To close out the meeting, Dr. Beck echoed positive sentiments for the upcoming school year.

“We are very excited about this school year. Lots of good news will continue to roll out,” she said. “We think it'll be magical.”

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