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Pleasant View Parks & Rec Approves ‘Pilates in the Park’

Pleasant View Parks and Recreation approved proposed “Pilates in the Park” during its July 22 meeting.

Pleasant View resident and Pilates instructor, Lara Gill, petitioned the board for use of Pleasant View Community Park where she intends to instruct bimonthly classes for area residents.

“We are excited to support Pilates in the Park and are thrilled that Lara came to us with this class,” says Jill Niccolich, a Parks and Rec board member. “We want to encourage programs that promote a healthy lifestyle.”

In order to obtain the necessary approval to offer Pilates classes under the park’s pavilion, Gill was required to submit an application, proof of insurance, and other documents. To further support her plan, Gill also presented the board with a 2016 statistical analysis that demonstrated how outdoor Pilates can provide a low-cost opportunity for better health.

“Pilates can benefit both the novice as well as the elite athlete,” Gill says. “It develops your core (abdominals and back) and long, lean muscles.”

In addition to obtaining support from Parks & Rec, Gill’s outdoor Pilates is also supported by the Tennessee Department of Environment. The Tennessee State Parks’ “Healthy Parks, Healthy Person TN” campaign encourages Tennesseans to get healthy by visiting local parks and keeping active. Gill believes Pilates in the Park furthers the state’s initiative.

Weather permitting, Pilates in The Park is currently scheduled for 8:30 AM in Pleasant View Community Park on August 3, 17, 31 and September 7 and 28. The cost is $5 and participants should bring their mats. For more information, email

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