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Sycamore High Parking Passes Available August 2

Are you the parent of a driver?

On Friday, August 2, parking passes for Sycamore High School students will be available.

Where: Sycamore High School cafeteria

What to Bring: Valid driver's license, proof of insurance, a signed application by parent/guardian. Applications are available in the front office of the school or you can print one from the school's website.

Times: 9 AM- 11 AM for seniors; 11 AM- 1 PM for juniors; 1 PM- 3 PM for sophomores

Cost: $20. There are also ACT discounts: Score of 21-23: $15; Score of 24-25: $10; Score of 26-27: $5; Score of 28 or higher: FREE!

If a student is unavailable to attend the registration period him/herself, a proxy may come in their place; a proxy must have a picture of the student's valid driver's license, proof of insurance, and the signed application. The application MUST have the student's parent/guardian signature or a pass cannot be issued.

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