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PVAA Adding More Opportunity for Players

Pleasant View Athletic Association (PVAA) has recently announced the addition of two new options for the upcoming season. Beginning this fall, the league will begin offering a t-ball program as well as opportunities for players in the 13/14-year-old age range.

According to PVAA Baseball Director Brian Harris, the league is making the additions to the program in an effort to support the rapid growth of the area.

“The community is growing and the league wants to be able to meet the needs of players of all ages,” he says.

The addition of t-ball for four-year-olds and first-time five-year-olds, will help bridge the gap during a player’s younger years. It will also offer coaches and players more opportunities to work on fundamentals in a safer environment.

The younger players are not the only ones to benefit by the program’s upcoming expansion.

“This is super exciting because baseball in Pleasant View has always ended at age 12 due to our field dimensions. This gives some kids a chance to keep playing and offer some kids a chance to come back,” adds Harris.

The 13/14 players will be using the field at Pleasant View Christian School.

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