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No New Pools, but Maybe a Splash Pad?

Cheatham County won’t be getting any new public swimming pools anytime soon, but a new splash pad would be a more likely possibility in the coming years. Public pools are just too expensive, local leaders say.

Even though the county isn’t in the business of running parks, Cheatham County Mayor Kerry McCarver gave some insight into why no public pools have ever been built here. “Besides the initial expense, there are the concerns of lifeguards, maintenance, security, among other things,” McCarver said.

Pleasant View Mayor Perry Keenan said a splash pad at the Community Park would be a welcome addition, and the Parks and Recreation Board members have researched it thoroughly. However, there are more urgent matters to deal with right now, Keenan said, mainly roads and stormwater management. “We would love to add a splash pad in the future, but we must prioritize the dollars we have.”

Right now, the only splash pad is at L.L. Burns Park in Kingston Springs, and it’s packed from Memorial Day until it closes on Labor Day. Folks of all ages from all around come to jump in the water for free.

Adding something like it to Ashland City’s parks is something Director Scott Sampson would love to do, but there is the concern of cost. “Splash pads are so popular right now, but the money’s not there yet. It’s a want and not a need,” Sampson said. “But hopefully in about three or four years, it might become reality,” he said.

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