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A Sweet Goodbye for Local Candy Shop

Owners Darelle Beaudry and Kyle Strane have decided to close the doors on their Pleasant View candy shop, Sweet on Main.

After a year in business, the candy-loving pair recently left this note on the store’s front door:

"Thank you for coming by. Unfortunately and sadly, Sweet on Main is permanently closed. We are in the process of clearing out the space. We want to thank all of our customers. You’ve been wonderfully supportive and I have enjoyed meeting and speaking with every one of you.

I’ll miss you.

Our surplus has been donated to Balthrop Park concessions, local childcare, youth summer programs, and the Cheatham County Public Library in support of their summer reading incentive program.

We appreciate those who gave us such a warm welcome and loyal business. You believed in what we were trying to bring to the local community and we can’t thank you enough."

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