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Family Haunt Seeks to Scare

Jamison Seibert and his wife Christy are so passionate about haunted houses that they are transforming most of their property into a guaranteed-to-scare you experience called Haunt. Just a few miles down the road from Sycamore Middle School, where Christy works, the Seiberts’ haunt is slowly taking its creepy, contorted shape on six acres of farmland where their house sits. It’s expected to be open in about a year.

Jamison and Christy are working to make Haunt unlike anything people in Cheatham County or Middle Tennessee have seen before, because they know what makes folks scared. They have been making people scream for the past six years with the Joelton House of Horror and most recently Terror on the Ridge, their own haunted experience that included their home and yard. Now, they said they’re ready to take their haunt to the next level.

The Seiberts said Haunt will be movie quality, with more characters, more animatronics, and more horrifying effects. And, just like their prior haunts, a percentage of the proceeds from will go to help those who need it. Ten percent of the sales from Haunt will go to Cheatham County teachers, Jamison Seibert said.

The Seiberts, who both have enjoyed scary stuff and special effects throughout their youth and married life, are getting help from professional haunters around the country, and their own family and friends, in creating Haunt. The Seiberts’ four children are key roles. Twins Ryan and Logan Seibert, who play football at Sycamore High, have experience in production; Logan has been applying special finishes to masks of the sadistic Michael Myers from the “Halloween” movie franchise. Devin Seibert and family friend Oakley Kirkman design and build facades and effects. Alexis Seibert works on production and helps spread the word about Haunt through social media. Family friend Davis Fann is also a huge asset, by running the electronics, lighting, and designs, Seibert said.

These talented people will be transforming a 6,000 square foot warehouse and surrounding woods into a landscape of horror using weathered wood, lasers, fog machines, and other secrets you will just have to see to believe. You’ll arrive at Haunt by taking a creaky, rusty old school bus driven by a zombie, and then you’ll wander (and probably run) through the maze of terror for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

If you don’t want to go through Haunt, you can enjoy what is affectionately known as Weenie Hut Jr.’s. Jamison’s mom, Judy Hale, and Christy’s mom, Peggy Garrett, run this kid-friendly zone so little ones don’t have to worry about being scared. Children can enjoy cold drinks and popcorn, coloring books and their favorite cartoons and movies.

Volunteers and sponsors are welcome, Jamison said, so if you would like more information about Haunt, visit the Facebook page at


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