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Sycamore’s McIntosh Selected in MLB Draft

A Sycamore High School outfielder and his family are celebrating his selection in the Major League Baseball draft. The New York Mets picked Blaine McIntosh in the 13th round.

“This was such a great opportunity for me at such a young age. I am very blessed for the support from my family and coaches to get me to this point, but the work doesn’t stop here,” McIntosh said.

His family said they were so excited for Blaine to have another opportunity to play baseball at the next level.

“He has been working on this dream since he was eight years old, and it all started right here in Cheatham County,” his mother Amy McIntosh said.

McIntosh, who has committed to Vanderbilt University, now has several options to consider, Amy McIntosh explained. The outfielder has until the first day of classes in August at Vanderbilt to sign with the Mets. Or, he can stay with Vanderbilt for three years or until he turns 21.

Amy McIntosh added that her son is still looking at his options. “It’s all still up in the air,” she said.

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