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Familiar Faces Open New Ashland City Pharmacy

When one door closes, another opens, or so the saying goes. In Ashland City, when two pharmacies closed, some of the medical staff from those places took that saying to heart and started their own independent pharmacy with customers’ needs and convenience at the heart of what they do.

Pharmacists Chase Hunnell and James Jacobs are familiar faces to many, as the two worked at the now-defunct Empson Drug Company and Rite-Aid, respectively. The two pharmacists didn’t really know each other but had seen each other in comings-and-goings at their respective places of business. As word spread about their shops’ demises, Hunnell and Jacobs met and talked and decided it was important to give Cheatham Countians another independent pharmacy option. Their new business, Ashland City Pharmacy on North Main St., opened April 8.

“We wanted to bring the great customer service that Empson had,” Hunnell explained.

The pharmacy technicians, Angie Chowning and Stephanie Meadows, are also alums from Empson and Rite-Aid, respectively. All the team members agreed their mission is to know their patients and their needs.

Customers without insurance are welcome, as well as those who do. Ashland City Pharmacy offers a discount prescription plan for uninsured, and can help patients with insurance transfer their accounts, Hunnell said.

Over-the-counter medicines and vitamin supplements are readily available, and anything you need that the pharmacy doesn’t have in stock will be ordered for you, Jacobs added.

Ashland City Pharmacy is also striving for convenience. Right now, patients can take advantage of the drive-up window. Eventually, the pharmacy will offer delivery.

Whether you go inside to talk to the friendly staff, or go through the drive-through, Jacobs and Hunnell want you to know they want to take the time to help you get the best care.

“The whole reason I got into pharmacy school was because I want to help people. Having the time to talk to people and help them with their overall health and well-being is important,” Jacobs said.

Echoing that sentiment, Hunnell added, “Developing a relationship with our patients and knowing who they are, that’s our goal.”

Ashland City Pharmacy is located at 605 North Main St., Suite A, Ashland City, Tenn., and their phone number is 615-246-1422.

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