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Donated Haircuts Instill Confidence in Riverside Academy Students

Cheatham County natives David Parker and Matthew Pulley have found a way to give back to their community and help young students gain confidence. Each month, the two men, both barbers-in-training, visit Riverside Academy in Ashland City to donate haircuts to those in need.

The idea originated from Mason Buck, the middle school’s math teacher, years ago. After connecting with Parker at the start of the 2018-2019 school year, the plan finally took root; it has been going strong ever since.

According to Heather Curtis, a middle school English teacher, Parker and Pulley bring their own chair and products to the school located next to Ashland City Elementary once a month. They bring much more than that, though, she says.

“They play background music and just talk to our kids. They make them feel comfortable, and make them feel loved and feel better about their appearances,” Curtis adds.

Both men, military veterans, say that giving back and helping their community is important to them.

“We love the idea of being able to give free haircuts to kids that are not able to get haircuts as often as they would,” 30-year-old Parker says. “We believe that serving students in this way shows them support and care no matter their circumstances. Whatever they may be going through, we want them to know that people care about them.”

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